MICRO LED Technology

MICRO LED Technology

MICRO LED is an inorganic, self-emitting LED born to change the world of displays. Creating the light and color on its own, MICRO LED delivers true-to-life color and contrast, with optimum brightness in every scene. Discover stunning details on our biggest screen that surpasses your greatest expectations.

Monolith Design

A monumental design that draws the line with the past. The extraordinary minimalist design offers a seamless experience from wherever you watch. Infinity Screen goes beyond all boundaries, eliminating all visual distractions.

Arena Sound

Precisely placed for maximum effect, a full range speaker delivers vivid, lifelike sound to fully immerse you in the scene. Object tracking and vocal clarity craft a multi-dimensional soundscape that takes you on a journey, wherever the story may go.


When you want more than one view, MICRO LED has room for four. See up to four screens at once from a variety of sources — including the four HDMI ports — each in itself giving you an immersive experience.

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